The Impact of Hill Mile

With just 10 days remaining in our Wendy B. Speir Student Financial Aid Challenge (WBS Challenge), and on the heels of the 5th Annual Hill Mile, the enthusiasm and energy at Hill is palpable!

Thanks to our generous sponsors, participants, and individual and family fundraisers, we’ve raised nearly $70,000 for Student Financial Aid from the 2019 Hill Mile.

What does financial aid mean for a family? It can make all the difference for a student’s education and life trajectory. It can be transformative. Take ‘Elizabeth’ for example:

Elizabeth’s mother became concerned that her daughter was becoming more withdrawn as her school work became increasingly difficult. Elizabeth’s mom knew about Hill’s programs and services, but believed that the tuition would be a barrier. Receiving financial aid enabled Elizabeth to attend Hill School for 3 years of Middle School. After transitioning from Hill, she successfully completed high school, went on to receive both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and has enjoyed a successful career as a teacher in Durham!

Consider changing the trajectory for students like Elizabeth who learn differently and have infinite potential. Help us meet the WBS Challenge and help more students by making a gift today!

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