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Investing in Hill Learning Center empowers thousands of students and educators each year. We could not provide the gift of learning to so many without the support of families who have experienced the transformational impact of Hill firsthand, and philanthropic individuals, foundations, and corporations who are committed to ensuring students with learning differences – receive the instruction and supports they need, regardless of where they attend school or have a formal diagnosis.

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Supporting Hill means you support the 1 in 5 students who struggle with learning.

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The three years my son spent at Hill truly gave him the foundation he needed to learn and thrive. Fifteen years later, our whole family is still involved with Hill as champions and advocates. Because of what Hill has done for my family, I am committed to ensuring many more generations and their families can discover their paths to success at Hill.

Waynell Morris


Having Hill in this community is a huge resource and benefit. As a parent, I feel lucky to be here - and I understand how important financial aid is to open these resources to more students who need help. We give to financial aid at Hill because we know that students just like our daughter will be changed forever by their experience, and we want to make that possible for more students.

Jen Cameron


We have both seen and felt what Hill accomplishes both in Durham and throughout NC and beyond - from impacting children in our family to hearing stories from teachers receiving Hill training from around the state. The Kirby Foundation is especially excited by the progress and potential of the Hill Learning System, and we are proud to support its growth.

Alice Kirby Horton

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