Hill Learning System

Developed by Hill Learning Center and Curriculum Pathways®—provided by SAS

  • Virtual learning hub helping educators serve struggling learners
  • HillRAP Digital reading intervention and reports
  • Hundreds of instructional resources and videos
  • Video coaching and feedback tools
  • Online courses and micro-credentials

HillRAP Digital: Individualized Instruction for Struggling Readers

Designed by Teachers for Teachers

The Hill Learning System (HLS) HillRAP Digital app leverages technology to deliver teacher-led, individualized, small group instruction to the most struggling readers, including those with diagnosed and undiagnosed learning differences.

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Why choose the HillRAP Digital Reading Intervention?

HillRAP Digital takes a proven program and makes it even better

Take advantage of real-time data, goal-setting, and progress monitoring at teacher and students' fingertips; embedded assessment and pre-loaded questions and word lists to make individualization easy while allowing for teacher judgment and flexibility; hundreds of aligned, controlled, decodable texts with corresponding comprehension questions, and online resources and videos to support instruction.

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Become a HillRAP Instructor

Becoming a HillRAP Instructor can mean different things. Learn about how you can make an impact with your students!

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Hill Learning System Features

Online Courses

Five online courses and customized teacher pathways offer research-based strategies for teaching struggling readers and students with learning differences. Relevant to HillRAP instructors, literacy interventionists, and general classroom teachers.

Virtual Coaching & Resources

Use iPad to record a HillRAP class, automatically upload to the HLS platform, and receive annotated feedback and coaching session from certified HillRAP Mentor. Self-directed instructor development and support from hundreds of instructional resources and videos.


Range of HillRAP student, class, school, and district-level reports for teachers and administrators illustrate student progress, number and duration of sessions, and more. Can be used with parents in IEP meetings to communicate student goals and progress efficiently and effectively.

HillRAP Digital

Instructional software that uses smart technology and wirelessly-connected teacher and student iPad devices to deliver HillRAP methodology. Review the HillRAP Digital technical specifications to see what’s required to get started.

Hill Learning System Testimonials


The Hill Learning System supports outstanding Tier 3 reading instruction. The program has many strengths beyond its use of explicit phonics instruction. Placement in the curriculum is differentiated and student progress is carefully monitored in real time.

James W. Cunningham, Ph.D.


Just printed my first report to analyze growth and data using the program, it is AMAZING! I have more data points than I could have ever gotten on my own using any other program.

Melissa B., Orange County Schools


Once I started using the Hill Reading Achievement Program with my students, I quit thinking about retirement.

Zina P., Edgecombe County Public Schools

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