EdNC Features the HillRAP Intervention

Reporter Molly Osborne of EdNC visited Hill School this spring to learn about our HillRAP Reading Intervention and see it firsthand. Molly Osborne is the Director of Policy and Engagement for EducationNC and the N.C. Center for Public Policy Research. This August her article titled HillRAP: Direct, individualized literacy instruction to help students succeed was published.

Osborne notes, “HillRAP doesn’t just focus on fluency. Students also practice phonics and phonological awareness, vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension skills. These areas are integrated, so students see the same words during word attack as they do during spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension. HillRAP is also highly individualized. Each student is on a different level, and working in a small group allows the teacher the ability to differentiate instruction. It is mastery-based, so students do not move on until they have achieved mastery.”

Click here to read the full article on EdNC’s website.

HillRAP: Direct, individualized literacy instruction to help struggling students succeed

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