4 Benefits of Tutoring For Children With Learning Differences

“It was difficult for me because I was searching for the answer for so long, and the answer was right in front of me. Do what I do best.” – Tommy Hilfiger, fashion designer

Attending school with a learning difference can be overwhelming but tutoring for children with learning differences provides a variety of benefits. By instilling confidence in an efficient, individualized, and controlled environment, learning challenges such as ADHD or dyslexia become much more manageable. Additionally, finding the right tutoring learning center is essential to help your child reach his or her full potential. Below, we’ve compiled four significant benefits of tutoring for children with learning differences. 

Tutoring for learning differences instills confidence

Individual and small-group tutoring classes instill confidence in children with learning differences. These types of tutoring programs create a safe, low-pressure environment in which the students can confidently and enthusiastically develop the necessary academic skill sets. At Hill Learning Center we aim to ensure that students with learning differences receive the attention they need to master one goal at a time and build on a feeling of success as they grow. This incremental assurance makes learning more fun, more rewarding, and more effective. With their newfound confidence, students begin to implement these tutoring strategies into the classroom and their daily lives. 

Tutoring for learning differences provides control

Small-group tutoring, rooted in the Orton-Gillingham approach, typically maintains a low student teacher ratio. Tutoring with Hill Learning Center, for example, provides lower student to teacher ratios for a controlled and structured setting to better implement systematic instruction and teaching methodologies. At Hill, students meet with the same tutor each session to develop a strong relationship and consistent tutoring strategy. Contrary to a typical classroom, this level of control provides a sense of direction for students with learning differences, which improves focus, discipline, and independence. 

Tutoring for learning differences is individualized

Tutoring for learning differences provides individualized and personalized techniques to accommodate each student’s specific learning style. In both small-group and individual tutoring classes at Hill Learning Center, tutors tailor the lessons using multisensory, cumulative instruction designed to improve retention. Additionally, assessment is individualized to track and monitor the progress of each student and identify areas of strength as well as areas that need improvement.  

Tutoring for learning differences is efficient

Unlike in a typical classroom, tutoring for learning differences focuses on how the students learn, rather than solely the curriculum. The best tutoring centers, like Hill, have highly trained, experienced tutors that can efficiently adapt and adjust their methodologies to fit a variety of learning challenges and focus on the immediate obstacles. Each lesson builds on previous sessions to master subjects and disciplines one step at a time. Additionally, the size of individual and small-group tutoring classes allows for each student to have the necessary resources to become successful, independent learners. 

How Hill Learning Center Can Help

We can make a difference. Hill Learning Center is dedicated to transforming students with learning differences and attention challenges into confident, independent learners. Contact us if you’re interested in taking the next step with Individual Tutoring or Small-Group Classes.


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