4 Benefits of Summer Academic Programs for Learning Differences

“When you have these setbacks, you develop a really good work ethic, because you have to try harder.” – Vince Vaughn, actor and comedian with ADHD and dyslexia

With cookouts by the pool and trips to the lake, academics may be the last thing on your child’s mind in the summertime. Accordingly, students often experience a lapse over break known as the “summer slide.” Students with learning differences, especially, must remember to stay focused during the summer months to avoid falling into bad habits and hindering progress. Summer tutoring provides several benefits for students with learning challenges, even beyond the knowledge gained from specific lessons. Read on to learn more about how summer tutoring helps children with learning differences to avoid regression and enjoy the classroom.

Reduce the “Summer Slide”

Over summer break, students can lose over one month of knowledge if they don’t consistently utilize and practice their learning skills. Summer tutoring programs are known to help mitigate a “summer slide,” or a loss of retention and progress. A disruption in development or routines can be detrimental for children with learning differences. By enrolling your child in summer tutoring programs, such as those at Hill Learning Center, students can avoid “summer learning loss” and come back to school even further along than where they were when break began.

Instill a Feeling of Confidence

Summer tutoring at an accredited learning center creates an environment of safety, familiarity, and confidence for students with learning challenges, which removes the stigma that they tend to pair with academics. A lack of confidence can, at times, lead to a lack of progress. When students work with enthusiastic, highly-trained tutors, they are more empowered and ready to tackle forthcoming obstacles. Summer tutoring programs, such as Hill Tutoring, provide guided lessons and individual or small-group classes to ensure that students with learning difficulties receive the attention and direction they need to become confident, independent learners.

Ease the Back-to-School Transition

The best tutoring centers for ADHD and dyslexia utilize the summertime to ensure continuous engagement and proper instruction for children with these learning differences. Hill’s Executive Function Study Skills, for instance, utilize proven tutoring strategies to teach organization, note-taking, following directions, and self-advocacy. Working on these skills over the summer helps to ease the transition back into the structured school setting in the fall.

Minimize the Gap Between Peers

Students who face learning difficulties often feel far behind their peers. Summer tutoring is an excellent opportunity for these children to catch up. While most students go home for summer break and don’t improve or even regress, students with learning differences can improve immensely on areas in which they typically struggle, with tutoring in reading, math, writing, or executive functioning. These subjects of focus translate into almost all other aspects of academics and many areas of life.

Hill Learning Center provides a variety of summer academic programs. Check out our tutoring class availability, apply for individual tutoring, or browse Hill’s half-day, five-week summer programs today.

How Hill Learning Center Can Help

We can make a difference. Hill Learning Center is dedicated to transforming students with learning differences and challenges into confident, independent learners. Contact us if you’re interested in taking the next step.

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