The Impact of Professional Development with Hill Learning Center

Hill Learning Center was featured on in an article discussing the challenges, impact, and benefits of its professional development programs. Kerry Blackwelder, a veteran Davie County educator, had nothing but positive remarks about her extensive experience with Hill Learning Center’s Professional Development, stating that she is not simply learning the best practices, but also getting to network with other professionals and colleagues. 

The article continues with quotes and thoughts from Hill’s executive director, Beth Anderson, as she discusses some of the barriers facing the field of professional development, including funding, resources, and turnover in schools. Both Anderson and Blackwelder’s comments shed positive lighting and optimism as schools and tutors continue to overcome these challenges, while illuminating the efficacy of the professional development program at Hill Learning Center. Blackwelder added, “the best kind of professional development is the kind that you attend and can go back and implement immediately.” 

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