The Hill Center Announces a New Identity, Vision, and Website

As The Hill Center moves into its 41st year of service to the community, and the impact of Hill continues to grow, a new identity, vision, and website that more accurately reflect Hill’s work and aspirations have been developed.

New Identity:

Today, Hill formally adopts the new name of Hill Learning Center. The result of over 15 months of discovery, collaboration, and consultation, Hill Learning Center embodies the work Hill currently does, and the work Hill aspires to do. The new logo mark visually represents: 1) Foundation – the logo is created using stacked squares which represent the solid foundation and history of Hill, and the foundational confidence and strengths Hill develops in students; 2) Inclusion – the letter “H” in “Hill” is formed from overlapping squares of color which blend together to represent inclusion within the Hill community and connectivity beyond Hill’s physical walls; and 3) Individuality – the single circle breaking out of the grid symbolizes the individuality of both Hill’s students and its methodology, while it’s yellow color is a nod to the hope and optimism a student experiences by coming to Hill, and also honors Hill’s first home “The Yellow House.”

New Vision:

With guidance and consultation provided pro bono by the Poses Family Foundation, Hill is unveiling a new vision. This new vision communicates Hill’s aspirations for the change it wants to see in the world, and the role Hill plays in pursuing it.

All students with learning differences or attention challenges receive the instruction and support they need, regardless of where they attend school or whether they have a formal diagnosis.

In pursuing this vision, Hill aspires to partner with others to advance knowledge, practice, and equity in the field, and to help overcome the barriers to access to research-based, specialized instruction and support that too many students, families, and teachers face.

New Website:

The newly imagined website for Hill Learning Center ( launches today, and was designed by Rivers Agency of Chapel Hill, NC. The visual representation of Hill’s new identity and vision, the website modernizes Hill’s online presence with a fully responsive design and streamlined navigation.

“This is an exciting time for Hill, and marks a strategic pivot in our future direction,” said Beth Anderson, executive director of Hill Learning Center. “Hill’s commitment to the students, educators, and communities we serve remains, and our evolved vision, identity, and website strengthen our position to do so. My hope is that Hill continues to grow as a trusted and high impact resource – a true learning hub – for the Triangle, the state of North Carolina, and beyond.”

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