HillRAP: Providing Direct, Individualized Reading Instruction for Students With Learning Challenges featured Hill Learning Center in an article covering the literacy instruction program known as HillRAP (Hill Reading Achievement Program). The feature begins with a live look at Hill students Will and Marth as they practice their reading fluency in an exercise known as “word attack.” The students review a list of words until they can read them quickly and accurately. As the article continues, Beth Anderson, Executive Director of Hill Learning Center, elaborates on HillRAP’s methodology, and discusses some exciting improvements from paper to iPads. 

Anderson says the iPads “cut down significantly on the prep time for [teachers] and on the time managing the program in the class so they can really focus on instruction and get through more content.” Additionally, the data is automatically tracked and updated now that HillRAP has been established online. The feature progresses into the topic of funding and budgeting, and the need for continued support. Beth Anderson demonstrates her optimism in the demand and quality of the HillRAP instruction. “The teachers love the program,” she concludes. 

Read the full article here.

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