Hill Student Turns Entrepreneur With Innovative Online Business

Virtual learning has become one of the most prominent byproducts of 2020, as we turn to the digital sphere more than ever before for learning, socializing, business, and more. This year’s events have inevitably driven many to think outside the box, and Hill students are certainly no exception. Hill Learning Center student Harrison Stanley took full advantage of this unusual summer by starting a business with his sister, Sophie, called DigiCraft Virtual Minecraft Parties.

Minecraft is a multiplayer, sandbox video game where players build, explore, and survive in the three-dimensional online world. Players must find their own supplies and food and interact with each other and blocklike mobs and other creatures.

It all began when a local parent posted a notice on NextDoor requesting information and help throwing a virtual surprise birthday party for her son on the Minecraft platform.

Harrison and Sophie got right to work. After a few days, the two of them had designed a custom Minecraft adventure for the birthday boy and nine of his closest friends. Harrison and Sophie did not charge for their services, but the boy’s mother was so pleased with her son’s experience that she swung by the Stanley house and dropped off cupcakes and a payment. Thus, the birth of DigiCraft Virtual Minecraft Parties.

Since its inception, Harrison and Sophie’s DigiCraft Virtual Minecraft Parties have hosted several virtual parties. The young entrepreneurs have pledged to donate a portion of their profits to Feeding the Carolinas, a non-profit agency dedicated to providing healthy, adequate, and consistent food to North and South Carolina communities. Additionally, the start-up company has been featured in an article on LifeSavvy as one of the best ways to throw a socially distanced birthday party.

In a brief Q&A with the business partners, Harrison shared how gratifying it has been to create something that brings joy to others. “I’ve really enjoyed seeing how much the kids enjoy our adventures. We can read their comments while they’re playing the game, and they type things like ‘this is awesome’ or ‘I want to keep playing,'” Harrison noted. Sophie added that they decided to donate to Feeding the Carolinas because “[the] family used to do an annual peanut butter drive, but… couldn’t collect the food the way [they] used to during the pandemic. Donating to Feeding the Carolinas is [their] way of safely contributing to a food bank.”

DigiCraft Virtual Minecraft Parties is active on Facebook and readily answers questions through their email: As we face today’s challenges and obstacles, innovative thoughts and positive mindsets continue to pave the way for a brighter future.

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