Hill Learning Center: Helping Students Excel

Hill Learning Center was featured in Durham Magazine, which covers three different perspectives on what makes the school stand out. After a brief background on the origins of Hill, the article interviews Louise Rollins, lifelong Durham resident and veteran Hill Learning Center teacher. She describes the “recipe for success,” and explains how the environment at the school is optimal for fostering success for students with learning challenges. The small-group classes enable her to focus on individual student learning styles and needs. Additionally, she discusses how rewarding it is for her to see her students excel. She says, “For some people, they’ve tried so many things, this is kind of the last resort.” 

The Durham Magazine feature continues to highlight Braden Holdsclaw, a fifth-grade student at Hill who enjoys the way the school accommodates his natural drive to improve and compete. Braden talks about the community and atmosphere he enjoys, and the money management program and reward system, or “hero bucks,” of which he’s collected an abundance. He explains that when he earns those rewards, he feels especially confident and “super-duper happy.” 

As the article continues into a third perspective, Scott Morris looks back on his experience as a high school student at HIll Learning Center. “With a smaller class size and the help of the amazing teachers at Hill, I went from almost failing math to making A’s and loving geometry and calculus,” he says. He commends the teachers and executive staff for their passion, which gave him the unique tools he feels he needed to succeed in life. 

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