Hill Learning Center, David Kilpatrick, and Phonemic Proficiency

Hill Learning Center was featured on in an article that discusses phonemic proficiency. The feature highlights David Kilpatrick, an author and researcher who spoke at Hill covering orthographic mapping and the ability for a reader to make an unfamiliar written word into an automatic “sight word.” Kilpatrick breaks down the process of learning new words, and how it integrates with a student’s ability to read proficiently. By instructing teachers to visually dissect words into their individual phonemes, or sounds, students will register new words via sight and sound, and more readily establish sight-word memory. 

The article continues as Kirpatrick connects a person’s outcomes in life to skills in phonemic proficiency. Beth Anderson, the Executive Director of Hill Learning Center, describes the buzz around advancing the research and support of this topic, and the science of reading. “Phonemic awareness and proficiency are essential skills for learning to read, [and all] students benefit from systematic, explicit, direct instruction,” she says. 

Read the full article here.

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