Alumni Profile: Sharice Chandler

Sharice Chandler currently works at The Raleigh School as the Director of Admissions and Marketing. She attended Hill Learning Center for her junior and senior years of high school. Sharice began her college career at The University of San Francisco, returning to the East Coast to complete her degree at Guilford College.

Like many other students, Sharice was apprehensive when her parents enrolled her at Hill. She was concerned about how she’d explain to her friends why she attended two schools, but she knew it was the right decision. Before Hill, she often felt classes were too fast paced, but she didn’t speak up because everyone else seemed to be understanding the material. “Attending Hill allowed me to feel less anxious in classes. I could better understand the material, and because of that, I was more comfortable speaking up. I felt smart, and I felt my classmates saw me in this light too, which was nice for a change.” Sharice continues to describe her time at Hill as allowing her to feel less stressed, never lost or uncomfortable, and adds, “Hill allowed me to start accepting and appreciating my differences, which in return made me care less about what others might be thinking.” In addition, she cites the opportunity to have students from other schools as classmates and the support they gave each other as another special aspect to Hill.

As a Hill student, Sharice did not initially think she would like the small class size but found it worked to her advantage. She found it easier to ask questions, get another explanation without embarrassment. In her words, “It was great to see my grades increase from C’s and B’s to A’s! With the change in grades, also came an increase in my overall self-confidence, the confidence I needed to feel capable in my own abilities.” This self-confidence spread to the rest of her academic day as well.

While she has been out of the classroom for several years, Sharice points out that there are still techniques she uses that carry over from her days at Hill, including how she stays organized, takes notes, and ensures that she meets deadlines. She refers to the copy of Dr. Suess’s Oh the Places You Will Go, which is a traditional graduation gift to Hill students from the faculty. “This book has always been a reminder to continue to keep an open mind, be open to new opportunities, and to persevere no matter how challenging life may get.”

Sharice offers this advice to current and future Hill Learning Center students, “Keep pushing! Things may seem challenging for you now, but one day you’ll be able to look back on your academic accomplishments and truly be able to appreciate the way Hill brings out the best in you academically and personally!”

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