Alumni Profile: Maggy Priebe

Maggy (Rayno-Quirk) Priebe loves being a preschool teacher. She has worked in that capacity for ten years at the Shattuck Child Care Center in Norwood, Massachusetts, a non-profit school that both of her children attended. She and her husband Chris have two children, Lydia and Charlie.

Maggy came to Hill as a struggling high school student. She reports that the success came early. “I learned more math in one year at Hill than I did in all of high school combined.” Unsure at first about Hill, Maggy says that from the beginning she felt part of a community. “I loved my time at Hill. The teachers were really creative in finding ways to get me to engage.” Not only were the gaps in her language arts education filled in, she developed confidence in her own ability to succeed. She graduated from East Chapel Hill High School and Hill in 1999.

Not following a traditional path, Maggy waited a few years to attend college. She graduated from Curry College in 2009 with her degree in Early Childhood Education. At Curry, she participated in PAL (Program for the Advancement of Learning), working with an educational therapist and a coach. The skills she learned there, including metacognition and self-advocacy, were “a wonderful continuation of what I had brought with me from Hill.”

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