Upper School

Grades 9 - 12

Many Upper School students come to The Hill Center with the belief that success in school may never be a reality for them.  Once at Hill, they receive individualized instruction which supports the curriculum at their base schools, and they learn that it is not only possible for them to succeed in school but also to thrive.  The small class size gives students the chance to understand how they learn best and helps them to understand their learning differences.  The personalized attention and instruction help to make workloads at their base schools more manageable and also allow some students to fulfill graduation requirements which may have previously seemed out of reach.   At Hill, Upper School students are encouraged to excel not only academically but also socially.  They have opportunities to lead, to be self-advocates, and to become comfortable speaking up in class and asking questions – critical skills for their future college or professional careers.  With students from dozens of base schools, Hill provides a chance to meet peers whom they may not have known otherwise. College and post-secondary planning is another important part of Hill’s high school program.  The college advising program is tailored to the needs of each student so that he or she will be prepared for the next step in life.  Beginning in ninth grade, and each year thereafter, students at Hill receive support in preparing for their futures after high school. 


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