Executive Function Coaching 

Executive Function coaching introduces students to proven strategies that support increased success in areas such as organization, following directions, notetaking, test prep, and self-advocacy. As each strategy is introduced, students learn and practice the skill to work towards greater independence in applying EF skills. Coaching is available individually or through classes throughout the year.


Personalized Coaching

Each student is assigned a specially-trained EF coach. Initially, the coach will work collaboratively with the student, parents, and school to evaluate the student’s greatest strengths and greatest challenges among the domain skills, formulating a student profile. Over time, the student will learn to implement effective strategies to address challenges. As one strategy becomes independent, other strategies will be introduced until all challenges are addressed, strategies are monitored, and effective student habits established. During the entire process, the coach will communicate with parents and the school frequently to ensure all parties receive and share information that best directs the coach’s efforts and supports the student’s success.

Grades: Individual coaching is available for students in Grades 9 - 12. 

Fee: $75/hour 



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Executive Function Classes

The Executive Function classes introduce students to proven strategies that support increased success with the four executive function domains: preparedness, initiative, focus, and specific learning skills. As each strategy is introduced, students learn and practice the skill, creating a reference book of all the strategies and tips accumulated throughout sessions. Although individual student needs are not evaluated and addressed in this class, students can get support to apply each strategy to their own school work. 

Grades: Grades 6 - 12 

Fee: $50/hour


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