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Individual Tutoring

Experience the difference a Hill tutor can make for your student. Hill Tutoring offers individual tutoring in the subjects of Reading, Writing, and Math in a 1:1 format for students in grades K-12 utilizing the same teaching techniques as Hill School. This approach allows students, who may be struggling in an average school setting, to work on an individualized program with a tutor. Students are assessed and placed according to their individual strengths and needs, with ongoing assessment and progress monitoring. For those students who do not need foundational skills, we provide content tutoring in Language Arts and Math.

Tutoring services are available in a virtual 1:1 format. Learn more about Hill Tutoring by scheduling an individual appointment using our online calendar or by scheduling a virtual visit. For questions email tutoring@hillcenter.org or call 919-489-7464.
Important Information
  • Tutoring applications are still being accepted. Please understand that the matching process may take additional time. Thank you for your patience.
  • Tutees do not need an evaluation or diagnosis in order to secure a tutor.
  • Individual Tutoring Rate: $75 per hour
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At Hill Learning Center

Hill is pleased to offer tutoring classes in a range of courses including reading, writing, math, executive function, and keyboarding (summer only). Students do not need a formal LD/ADHD diagnosis to participate in our classes. Classes are offered at a rate of $50 per one hour session.

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