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Why is The Hill Center’s K-12 Academic Year Program half day?

The half-day program is designed to enable students to receive small group intensive remediation for a portion of each day at The Hill Center, while continuing to benefit from the programs at a traditional base school. Students are able to maintain interactions with friends and take advantage of enrichment activities and content courses at their base school. Also, this model allows for an easier transition back to the base school on a full-time basis when the students are ready to leave The Hill Center.

Do you need a formal diagnosis to be enrolled at The Hill Center?

For the K-12 Academic Year Program students need to have a formal diagnosis of a learning difference such as a learning disability (LD) or attention deficit disorder (ADHD). Other types of learning differences may also be considered in the admissions process.  For Hill Tutoring and the Hill Summer Program, no diagnosis is required.

Is there financial aid available?

Financial aid is available for the Academic Year Program. Parents should contact www.tads.com to complete the financial aid application.

What is a typical day like for a Hill student?

For the morning session, students arrive by 8:05 am and leave at 11:00 am with a fifteen minute break at 9:55 am.  For the afternoon session, students arrive by 12:05 and leave at 3:00 pm with a fifteen minute break at 1:55 pm. Classes are 50 minutes in duration. After School Study Hall is available until 4:30.

What other schools do Hill students attend?

Hill students attend over sixty different base schools in the area.  On average, 65% of our students attend public schools and 35% attend independent or home schools.

What is the typical class size?

We have a maximum 4:1 student/teacher ratio.

Is transportation provided to The Hill Center?

Transportation is not provided; however, Hill does try to assist with the set up of carpools and other modes of transportation at the beginning of the school year.

How is technology integrated into the Hill methodology?

Technology plays a critical role in preparing our students to lead in the 21st century world. We are deliberate and purposeful with technology, choosing devices and software that supports our methodology and program philosophy. Currently, each classroom is equipped with four computers (1:1 ratio) and two iPads (2:1 ratio).


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