Breaking the Code

Phonological Awareness & Phonics

In this two-part online course, attendees will engage in activities that will enable them to break the challenging alphabetic code for students. The first part focuses on Phonological Awareness (PHA) and the recommended instructional skill sequence for struggling learners. You will learn how and why PHA is a prerequisite for phonics instruction and understand its key role in reading instruction for struggling learners. The second portion focuses on Phonics and will provide you with foundational knowledge and teaching strategies to help your students become proficient at decoding unfamiliar words. The course will build your knowledge in three fundamental areas of reading instruction that are essential for struggling readers: letter recognition and the alphabetic principle, sound and letter correspondence, and decoding skills.

Intended Audience: All Teachers, Reading Specialists, Speech/Language Pathologists

CEUs: 1.0

Price: $100

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