HillRAP© Certification

Hill offers an internationally-accredited teacher professional development program in multisensory instruction that trains and coaches teachers to become certified HillRAP instructors and mentors. It is one of eight professional development programs recognized by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for improving reading.

Pursuing HillRAP Certification
  • Certification is recognized by both the International Multisensory Language Education Corporation (IMSLEC) and International Dyslexia Association (IDA).
  • Certified teachers have demonstrated HillRAP fidelity and increased their expertise to meet individual students’ needs and support maximum growth.
  • Teachers pursuing certification are assigned a Hill Master Mentor who serves as a personal coach and resource throughout the process. Teachers can upload video recordings of HillRAP classes to receive detailed, time-stamped feedback and a follow-up coaching session with their mentor.
  • Level 1 (Teacher) Certification: Teachers achieving the Level 1 must complete 45 hours of professional development; 90 hours of HillRAP instruction; five formal observations and coaching sessions; and a case study over a minimum of 9 months.
  • Level 2 (Mentor) Certification: Teachers seeking to be HillRAP Mentors (Level 2), must have a minimum of 90 hours of professional development, complete three guided observations with a Hill mentor, and have a minimum of 2 years experience and 600 hours of HillRAP Instruction. Certified mentors can coach and observe teachers in their school or district who are interested in pursuing HillRAP certification, reducing costs and building internal capacity and sustainability.
How much does HillRAP Certification Cost?
  • HillRAP Level 1 certification costs approximately $3,000 per teacher, including all online and in-person training, coaching, observations, materials, reports, certification costs, and technical and program support. For HillRAP Digital users, this includes a 1-year software license.
  • Level 2 certification costs an additional $2,500 per teacher, including 1-year licensing fee for HillRAP Digital during the certification process.
Interested in strengthening your practice but not yet ready to commit to full certification? Sign up for an observation and coaching session with a Hill Master Mentor for only $350 and the observation counts toward certification should you decide to pursue.

In Their Own Words


Being HillRAP certified has changed my teaching. This is the best reading program we have adopted in our school system's exceptional children's department since I have worked here. I was so happy with the results last year that took on another class during my planning period this year just to reach more students.

Adrian Green


I want to thank my amazing Hill coach. I was scared to begin with my students, but my coach encouraged me and gave me tips to become a better HillRAP teacher. I not only can be proud of the growth I have made, but the impact that I have made on my students due to the professional development and wonderful team of coaches at Hill.

Amy Taylor


Our kids and our teachers love HillRAP. The professional skills and expertise of the HillRAP teachers after receiving their training and the coaching support by Hill gives the teachers the tools and confidence to support the program. We are eager to reach more students with the needs of this program. We are proud of the students’ and the teachers’ growth!

Vivian Roach

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