Already implementing with HillRAP? Expand your knowledge of writing instruction with research-based HillWrite. HillWrite is an adaptation of Hill Learning Center’s multi-sensory approach to teaching writing. The program is designed to be implemented within a 40-60 minute class period with a 4:1 student to teacher ratio. Individual components may also be integrated into a HillRAP lesson. Participants will:

  • Learn to apply the fundamentals of structured literacy based on current research in the field of writing instruction as well as techniques for closing the achievement gap by bridging research and practice.
  • Become familiar with the HillWrite curriculum and skills associated with each level of Hill’s written language curriculum including spelling, handwriting, copying/dictation, and the writing process.
  • Learn how to differentiate writing instruction by targeting specific skills based on assessment and progress monitoring.

HillWrite students are taught using a multisensory, systematic approach to written language. They learn letter/sound “patterns” and the “rules of language”, which gives students the tools they need to “chunk” and spell unknown words. Students learn how to brainstorm, use graphic organizers, compose a rough draft, edit, revise, and publish compositions. Students are pre-assessed at the beginning of instruction so that instructors can target specific skills for each student.

HillWrite components include: Drill, Oral/Written Spelling, Copying/Dictation, Handwriting, Composition and Grammar/Mechanics (Capitalization and Punctuation).

Training in the HillWrite methodology is offered multiple times throughout the year.