The core of Hill Student Programs’ written language curriculum, HillWrite is a complement to the HillRAP reading intervention as well as a standalone methodology that applies the fundamentals of continuous assessment and progress monitoring to differentiate writing instruction for struggling learners.

HillWrite components include: Drill, Oral/Written Spelling, Copying/Dictation, Handwriting, Composition and Grammar/Mechanics (Capitalization and Punctuation).

HillWrite students are taught using a multisensory, systematic approach to written language. They learn letter/sound “patterns” and the “rules of language”, which gives students the tools they need to “chunk” and spell unknown words. Students learn how to brainstorm, use graphic organizers, compose a rough draft, edit, revise, and publish compositions. Students are pre-assessed at the beginning of instruction so that instructors can target specific skills for each student.

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Training in the HillWrite methodology is offered multiple times throughout the year.