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HillRAP© Reading Intervention

Implemented at Hill Learning Center and in public, charter, and independent schools across North Carolina and beyond, Hill Reading Achievement Program (HillRAP) provides educators with a research-based, individualized, structured approach to improving reading for students who are struggling. HillRAP typically serves students with foundational gaps in literacy development due to one or more of the following profiles:

  • Diagnosed or undiagnosed learning differences or attention challenges
  • Limited English proficiency (i.e. English Language Learners)
  • Effects of growing up in poverty

The Hill Reading Achievement Program, or HillRAP Digital, leverages technology to support teacher-delivered, individualized, small-group reading intervention for struggling readers. HillRAP is a mastery-based program that is ideally delivered in 45-minute blocks with a 4:1 student to teacher ratio. The HillRAP instructor and students access content–including individualized drill questions, word lists, and decodable texts–through wirelessly connected iPads, whether they are in the same room or over the internet!

HillRAP is aligned with research-validated reading strategies in the National Reading Panel’s five key areas for effective reading instruction —phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.

Independent, third party evaluations of HillRAP implementation in public schools demonstrated positive impacts on student achievement and growth in reading. HillRAP students build confidence as they experience reading success, often for the first time.

Teachers who seek to implement the Hill Reading Achievement Program (HillRAP) must register for a blended learning training that includes the online Breaking the Code: Phonological Awareness & Phonics course, HillRAP self-paced online training, HillRAP live webinar, and more! Click on a training date below to learn more.

Interested in strengthening your HillRAP implementation practices? Consider becoming a certified HillRAP instructor!

HillRAP Across North Carolina

HillRAP is currently being implemented from eastern North Carolina to the mountains, and in multiple other states and countries.

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Choose HillRAP Print or HillRAP Digital

HillRAP Print

  • Delivered using student and teacher notebooks to individualize instruction and track progress.
  • Contact us to learn about bringing HillRAP Print to your school or district.
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HillRAP Digital

  • Uses smart technology with teacher and student iPads to support instruction and deliver real-time data.
  • Teachers participate in a comprehensive training package which includes live webinars and more!
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HillRAP Reading Intervention
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