In collaboration with external experts and advisers, Hill faculty continuously refine the K-8 math program utilized within Hill Student Programs, serving students directly and training teachers and tutors in the research-based methodology designed to remediate and differentiate instruction for struggling learners with and without diagnosed learning differences.

HillMath provides K-5 classroom teachers with research-based strategies to support struggling learners, develop conceptual understanding of math concepts, and differentiate instruction for each learner. HillMath uses a multisensory, systematic approach to mathematics instruction. Students learn by utilizing manipulatives to develop understanding of basic “concrete” math concepts. Instructors scaffold lessons on these basic skills until students have mastered them, and can understand higher level “abstract” math concepts. Students learn how to approach and solve numerous types of word problems. HillMath includes a student pre-assessment so instructors can target specific gaps and skills development for each student right from the start.

HillMath components include: Fluency, Number Sense & Review, Problem Solving, Computation & Application, and Reflection.