Executive Function Skills

Executive function is the administrative system of the brain. It helps us pay attention, organize, plan, start tasks, and take in and retain information. For a student, such executive functions are the skills needed to be successful academically.

At Hill we offer a live 2-day interactive webinar where you’ll engage with other participants and the instructor while being introduced to four main components of executive function:

  • Preparedness: Is your child organized and able to manage time efficiently?
  • Intentional Focus: Is your child able to listen closely and for sustained periods of time?
  • Initiative: Is your child invested in the learning experience and advocating for what s/he needs to be successful in the classroom?
  • Classroom Learning Skills: Does your child understand and utilize strategies to take notes, follow directions, and take tests?

As each strategy is introduced, instructors help students learn and practice the skill. Although individual student needs are not evaluated and addressed, students can get support to apply each strategy to their own school work.

We also offer a self-paced online course that will help you to independently deepen your understanding of executive function.