The Hill Center's instruction philosophy is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach which focuses on teaching students the structure of language, while incorporating precision teaching techniques including charting and graphing student progress.  Using Hill assessments, an individualized instructional plan is created for each student.  Progress is continually monitored as students work toward mastery of skills.


Reading instruction relies on systematic phonics for decoding and emphasizes phonological awareness, word attack, vocabulary development, fluency, oral and silent reading, and reading comprehension. At the middle and upper school levels, there is emphasis on literature, vocabulary, reading for content, analysis, and developing critical thinking skills.


Written language instruction includes spelling, sentence/paragraph dictation, copying, handwriting, grammar and mechanics, creative writing, and composition. Upper level written language classes continue instruction in spelling, grammar, and mechanics and focus as well on critical writing skills, including research papers and expository essays.


Mathematics instruction emphasizes automatic recall of math facts, developing number concepts, understanding mathematical principles, speed and accuracy in computation, and increasing problem solving skills. Upper level math classes incorporate these basic math concepts with higher order reasoning skills as the student moves through the college preparatory curriculum of pre-algebra through calculus. In all classes, emphasis is on gaining accuracy in computation and understanding of math concepts.


Spanish instruction, offered at the high school level, uses a systematic introduction to Spanish phonics, direct instruction of grammar, and a multisensory approach to vocabulary, written and oral expression, reading comprehension, and culture.



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