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Hill Learning System

The Hill Learning System (HLS) empowers educators to teach struggling learners to read by delivering the Hill Reading Achievement Program (HillRAP) through a web-enabled, tablet-based, instructional software program.  


What is HillRAP?

  • HillRAP is a proven reading intervention that features:

    • Individualized instruction in a small group setting
    • Includes the five essential components of a successful reading program: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension
    • Structured, sequential, systematic, and data-driven
    • Multisensory, Orton-Gillingham, research-based techniques
    • A focus on mastery and demonstrated progress against goals

What type of student can benefit from HillRAP?

  • "Intervention-resistent" students including:
    • Students with diagnosed learning disabilities
    • English language learners
    • Students reading one or more years below grade level

Why choose the Hill Learning System (HLS)?

  • Proven approach to delivering individualized reading remediation
  • Designed by teachers for teachers to support hard-to-reach students
  • Tablet-based classroom instructional application that engages and motivates students
  • Corresponding web platform that features:
    • High quality teacher training and professional development
    • Data tracking and reporting for teachers, students, and administrators

"My colleagues and I used to debate Wilson vs. Orton-Gillingham. After seeing HLS in action, there is a new contender. HillRAP is one of the best programs I’ve seen for teaching reading to students who learn differently. ”

- David Flink

Founder of Eye to Eye



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