HillRAP Refresher & Learning Forum

Designed for the HillRAP teacher of any level who is looking for updated resources and additional support on their own time throughout the year, the package includes the following:

  • Participation in a moderated forum for the 2021-22 school year, where members can post questions, get responses from Hill experts, respond to other users, share ideas, and build a true online community.
  • Enrollment in an updated self-paced HillRAP online course designed to make the content even more digestible, practical, and at your fingertips, including:
    • 12 animated videos demonstrating key concepts in Word Attack
    • Interactive video that allows teachers to practice making decisions about next steps for instruction
    • Full-color infographics to explain key content in HillRAP
    • 7 printable instructional posters to support syllable marking and recognition of letter patterns
    • Updated collection of key word cards that are printable and projectable
    • New Hill Sound Wall in a printer friendly format for immediate use on bulletin boards
Prerequisite: Current HLS App Subscription
Enrollment is limited to 50 to support an optimal learning community experience. If demand exceeds 50, additional moderated forums may be added.