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Hill Model Replication

The Hill Center’s unique programs have attracted increased attention from national and international educational communities looking for more effective ways to support diverse learners in the classroom. The purpose of Hill Center replication is to reproduce The Hill Center’s successful programs’ results. For The Hill Center, there are two distinct service delivery models in which Hill Methodology may be implemented to “replicate the results” for helping students to become confident, independent learners:



The Half-Day School Model establishes a half-day school, which includes instruction in reading, written language and math. Through duplication of all aspects of The Hill Center's half-day program, including its philosophy, curriculum and operating standards, systemic change occurs. This model requires teachers to complete certification in Hill Methodology in order to replicate desired achievement results and is appropriate for students with LD and/or ADHD. 


Program Adoption

The Program Model allows an organization to adopt a Hill Center program, such as the Hill Reading Achievement Program (HillRAP), while following the standards and prescribed guidelines for effective implementation. 

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