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In our quest to reach students with learning differences, The Hill Center is committed to sharing our programs and helping others help students be successful in school.  We offer consulting services to organizations, schools, and individuals wanting to implement student programs as well as identify and design teacher training and teacher certification goals.


In an effort to develop a systematic way to share the ingredients of our successful Half-Day School Model, The Hill Center was the recipient of a grant from The Oak Foundation. This grant has given The Hill Center staff the opportunity to develop a professionally-packaged replication program with a formalized consultation component. With these key pieces now in place, The Hill Center can more effectively assist communities in setting up alternative service delivery models for students with diverse learning needs. This blueprint provides the key steps and serves as the foundation for setting up a program based on The Hill Center Model.

Consultation is available as well as the Replication Manual in both hard copy and electronic format, to schools and organizations interested in replicating The Hill Center Model.


For more information please contact Pam Hoggard, Outreach Specialist.

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