Structured Literacy: A Framework for Struggling Readers

Jun 23

Hill Learning Center



  • Pam Hoggard
  • 919-719-7551
  • phoggard@hillcenter.org

This training is designed for educators K-12 who desire to increase their understanding of Structured Literacy™. Structured Literacy™, an umbrella term developed by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), grounds teachers in deep content knowledge and specific teaching expertise. This workshop explores the content of literacy instruction— phoneme awareness, sound-symbol correspondence, orthography, six-syllable instruction, morphology, syntax , and semantics —as well as the principles of instruction — explicit, systematic, cumulative, and diagnostic –through the latest research, best practices for implementation, and opportunities to rehearse specific instructional methods. The goals:


  • Identify and explain the content and principles of Structured Literacy™
  • Share research-base supporting Structured Literacy™ in order to influence future instructional decision making
  • Practice research-based teaching protocols for each area of Structured Literacy™
  • Explore strategies needed to support struggling readers within a diverse classroom

A partial scholarship for this workshop may be available. Please fill out this form and you will be notified if a scholarship is available.