Feb 9
10:00am-11:30am EST

Blended Learning



  • Pam Hoggard
  • 919-719-7551
  • phoggard@hillcenter.org

Already implementing with HillRAP? Expand your knowledge of writing instruction with research-based HillWrite. HillWrite is an adaptation of Hill Learning Center’s multi-sensory approach to teaching writing. The program is designed to be implemented within a 40-60 minute class period with a 4:1 student to teacher ratio. Individual components may also be integrated into a HillRAP lesson. Participants will: 1. learn to apply the fundamentals of structured literacy based on current research in the field of writing instruction as well as techniques for closing the achievement gap by bridging research and practice 2. become familiar with the HillWrite curriculum and skills associated with each level of Hill’s written language curriculum including spelling, handwriting, copying/dictation, and the writing process 3. learn how to differentiate writing instruction by targeting specific skills based on assessment and progress monitoring.

HillWrite oral drill and spelling components are now included on the HillRAP app, allowing for automated data capture and more seamless integration into any HillRAP session!

Training Package Includes:

  • HillStrategies for Writing online course (complete in advance)
  • HillWrite self-paced, online training (complete in advance)
  • HillWrite live, interactive webinar
  • Spelling module on HillRAP i-Pad app (valid HLS app license required)

Intended Audience: HillRAP-trained teachers

Required Prerequisite: HillRAP