From Words to Works: Developing Foundational Writing Skills in Grades K-3

Feb 25

Hill Learning Center

William Van Cleave



  • Pam Hoggard
  • 919-719-7551
  • phoggard@hillcenter.org

This hands-on, interactive workshop designed specifically for instructors of students K-3 will address the motor component, parts of speech and sentence construction for elementary students, and basic and expanded paragraph writing.  In the first portion of the workshop, participants will learn about the importance of good, automatized handwriting. While keyboarding and manuscript will be discussed, cursive instruction will be emphasized. Participants will learn about hand and eye dominance, good paper, hand, and body position, and proper letter formations and how they impact other areas of learning.  Then, participants will engage in interactive learning regarding the key parts of speech, focusing on both effective methods of instruction and useful application for students. Participants will look at basic sentence structure and a number of activities designed to increase sentence variety in young writers. Finally, participants will look at idea generation as well as paragraph writing.  Participants will learn a structured, sequential approach to generating basic and expanded paragraphs with effective introductory and concluding sentences as well as appropriate support.

Intended Audience:  
Teachers in Grades K – 3

A partial scholarship for this workshop may be available. Please fill out this form and you will be notified if a scholarship is available.