Board of Directors

Mr. Rick Rosenberg, Chair 
Mr. Mark Trustin, Vice Chair
Ms. Beth Anderson, President
Mr. Mike Giarla, Treasurer 
Ms. Michelle Orvis, Secretary


Mr. Charlie Atwater, Alumnus Representative

Dr. Paula Borden, Alumna Representative
Dr. Jon Fjeld
Ms. Lisa Guckian

Mr. George "Trig" Horton

Ms. Lynne Loeser
Mr. Damian Makarushka
Ms. Kathy McKee
Ms. Susan Williams Moore
Ms. Elizabeth Broyhill Morris
Dr. Andrew Short
Mr. Michael Ulku-Steiner, ex-officio
Ms. Laura Horton Virkler
Ms. Carol Walker
Dr. Michael Yarborough

Ms. Ginger Young
Ms. Alexandra Zagbayou


Lifetime Members
Mr. Charles S. Atwater
Mr. Brad Brinegar
Mr. Robert A. Ingram
Ms. Allison Haltom McClay
Mr. Charles “Bucky” Oliver II
Mr. Robert E. Whalen II


3200 Pickett Road
Durham, NC 27705

Phone: 919.489.7464
Fax: 919.489.7466
Email: info@hillcenter.org

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