Community Education Series 2017-18

The Community Education Series engages and educates our community about topics related to the science of learning and learning styles. The series provides practical resources and information that are both grounded in research and accessible to all audiences.  All events take place at The Hill Center from 6:30-8pm unless otherwise noted.


These programs are open to the community and free of charge thanks to the generous support of Morris Commercial of Chapel Hill, NC in honor of Scott Morris '01.


Upcoming Events


Dr. Cheryl Chase: ”Anxiety and Learned Helplessness" - October 26, 2017


Children with learning and attention challenges face many obstacles and so are vulnerable to developing a belief that their success or failure in school is controlled by external forces such as luck or chance, rather than by their own efforts. This can lead to the development of a condition known as learned helplessness, a powerful psychological condition in which the child displays a passive resignation to events and circumstances around him or her, and no longer puts forth the effort. These children are often described as anxious or depressed. This talk will explain the construct of learned helplessness, make the connection to children with learning and attention challenges, introduce the notion of a Growth Mindset, and offer the audience strategies and tools to address the emotional challenges associated with learning disabilities.


Cheryl Chase, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice near Cleveland, Ohio. She specializes in the diagnostic and neuropsychological assessment of various conditions impacting children, adolescents, and young adults including ADHD, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Learning Disorders, and emotional concerns. In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Chase is also an accomplished speaker at the local and national levels, leading workshops on such timely topics as executive functioning, differentiated instruction, and creative ways to support those who struggle in school. Finally, Dr. Chase serves as an adjunct instructor at several colleges in the Cleveland area. She is an active member of the International Dyslexia Association and the American Psychological Association.



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Film Screening of Being You with Stephanie Whitham - November 7, 2017


In this session we will screen the film Being You which follows three young people with learning and attention issues, including Stephanie Whitham, as they travel the country to seek advice from TV host Howie Mandel, ice sculptor John Rodrigues, and many more who have transformed their learning and attention issues from a struggle into an asset. Following the screening, Stephanie Whitham will lead participants in a conversation and Q&A. Appropriate for ages 13+.  


Stephanie Whitham grew up in La Canada, California. Stephanie was properly diagnosed with Nonverbal Processing Disorder in third grade after years of testing. Stephanie attended the University of San Francisco where she majored in Communication Studies with a minor in Fine Art. At USF Stephanie was a charter member of the Eta Upsilon chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta. Stephanie is now a National Program Coordinator at Eye to Eye National.



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 Dr. Katie Baker: ”Unpacking Productive Struggle in Math and How to Support It" - January 17, 2018


In this session we will find out more about the mathematics buzzword productive struggleWe will unpack what productive struggle is and what it means for our students.  We will watch it in action with a video of a student and will go over some take-home techniques that encourage perseverance in math.  


Dr. Katie Baker holds a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in mathematics education and is a member of the faculty at Elon University. Prior to this, Ms. Baker was a Math Lead Teacher for Orange County Schools. She has developed and led professional development around the aspects of math talk, Cognitively-Guided Instruction (CGI), and family involvement in math. Ms. Baker received her B.A. from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in Elementary Education and her M.Ed. in Mathematics Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 


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William Van Cleave: Topic To Be Announced - February 21, 2018


William Van Cleave is in private practice as an educational consultant whose specialties include morphology and written expression. A nationally recognized speaker, he has presented on effective teaching practices at conferences and schools around the country since 1995. Recent projects include providing the professional development component of a school improvement grant in Oklahoma City, participation on the RtII Writing Standards Committee for the State of Pennsylvania, and incorporation of a Trainer of Trainers project with Wichita Unified School District using his sentence structure approach. The author of three books, including Writing Matters and Everything You Want To Know & Exactly Where to Find It, as well as a number of educational tools and activities, William has served as a classroom teacher, tutor, and administrator in the private school arena at various points in his career. 



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Past Events

Lynne Loeser: "Understanding Dyslexia" - October 16, 2017

Jim Wright: "How to help your child develop independence with homework" - September 6, 2017

Mark C. Chandler, M.D.:  ”Advances in Psychopharmacology" - April 6, 2017

Lynn Loeser: ”Demystifying Dyslexia" - March 2, 2017

William Van Cleave: ”Cognitive Overload!  How Working Memory Impacts Writers" - February 21, 2017

Dr. Theresa Maitland: ”Preparing Teens with ADHD/LD for College” – January 18, 2017

Jim Wright: ”Motivating Your Child by Using 'Growth Mindset' Statements” – November 2, 2016

Sarah Powell: ” Effective Ways to Help Your Child with Math” – October 6, 2016

David Flink: “Reframing Learning for a New Generation” – September 29, 2016

Justin Parker: "Summer Planning to Target Fall Rebound" - March 2016

William Van Cleave: "The Brain & Multi-Sensory Teaching" - February 2016

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